The Biology of Attraction...

This is one of the many stories inspired by my daughter, Anya, but possibly my favorite. 

I want you to think about the biology of attraction, regardless of age...

About 5 years ago, I was perusing a GQ magazine, and came across an add for Dolce Gabanna's Light Blue men's fragrance with the model, David Gandy.

Now let me caveat this by telling you that I have an amazingly handsome husband. IMHO.

He literally fits the bill for any romance novel hero ever written for me. Six foot, four inches of broad shouldered, long legged, thickly muscled yumminess. Oh and he's a sweet heart too. My heart still thumps in my chest like a bass drum when I see him. Now, before you hate me, he also thinks he's always right, and loves sarcasm. Now I imagine he'd say that I think I'm always right, but we all know that's just crazy talk.  Silly husbands. LOL!

I do have to say I'm thankful for this, however. Keeps him real. Otherwise he'd be so perfect I'd think he was really a woman! Haha...I kid, I kid! Okay, enough teasing my honey. Now...

The reason I'm telling you this, is because due to my good fortune, it takes a lot for me to be impressed by a mere male model. They, so often, are too small and appear too feminine for my taste. But David Gandy, in this advertisement...very handsome. He's sitting on a boat in a pair of white speedos, his baby blues piercing deep into your soul from the glossy pages. 



Well, I was curious about the kind of man my 4 1/2 year old daughter would be drawn to. So, I showed her the advertisement with David Gandy, and then another fragrance advertisement with a longer haired, more finely boned gentlemen, and asked her who she liked better.

She very seriously considered both photos, and then without hesitation, pointed to David Gandy's photo.

"I like this one mommy."

I have to say, I was a proud momma. My little girl's got good taste, but what came next almost killed me!

My husband was standing there, witness to this all, and couldn't help but ask, "But what is it about this picture that makes you like it so much?"

She took the drum stick she'd been holding in her hand, and circles the end of it right on top of those white speedos and said, emphatically, "It's this white thing. I really like this."

I lost it! And I think my husband died a little inside. He calmly closed his eyes and pulled a breath in through his nose then released it out through his mouth.

Too much, too soon!

He admitted to me later that it was the first time he'd asked her a question, where he wished he didn't know the answer!

Now his favorite thing to say is, "She's definitely her mamma's daughter." Ha!