Addi Goes Black Friday shopping in Panties on Sale!

Addi Dekker whistled Do You Hear What I Hear as she weaved in and out of the growing crowd at Malibu Country Mart. The scent of cinnamon and pine filled the air, bringing back all the memories of yesteryear. Her sister, Sam, and their mom. Dee. were meeting her at the Chocolate Box for a sweet treat before they tackled the sales at their favorite boutiques.

If she could get there.

The crowds thickened by the minute, and with the increase of people came the measured decrease in patience. She caught a ladies elbow in the gut, then swore she lost a toe under another’s heel. “Shit!” Hopping on one foot while holding the other damaged one in her hand, she made her way to a potted plant for support, no longer feeling the Christmas spirit. She never considered herself a masochist, but seriously reconsidered that fact now. Why in the hell did she agree to go shopping on Black Friday?

She’d been riding a high after successfully standing up to her loving but overly involved family at Thanksgiving dinner, and the delicious dessert she’d shared in Roque’s bed after only increased the power of the heady sensation. It all left her feeling as though she could take on the world, but no achievement of self could prepare her for the madness of a holiday sale. Pushing away from the pot, and this time more aware of the dangers of her surroundings, she made her way to the Chocolate Box.

Warmed from a cayenne hot chocolate and sea salt and cocoa dipped pretzels, Addi, Dee, and Sam made a strategic plan to get out of the Malibu Country Mart alive and with their shopping done. Arm in arm, with their bags held in front of them, they ascended upon the shopping center like the Spartans from the movie 300, the only thing missing was their war cry.

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