Meet an Author Monday ~ MR Rutter

Welcome to Meet an Author Monday!!

Who out there loves a good romantic suspense? Well, this debut author has her first, Dangerous Ground, coming out on cyber Monday!! For an edge of your seat thrill with the touch of romance you love, I'm thrilled to introduce you to MR Rutter!

M.R. Rutter was born in the mountains of Colorado to an ex-hippy and former Marine. She spent much of her childhood on her grandparents ranch near Leadville CO.

She studied forensic anthropology and ancient history in college and started her professional life as an assistant to her advisors while working on her coursework and thesis. After years of teaching other professors' classes and putting murdered children back together rather than working on her focus, ancient remains, M.R. left the field to pursue a career as a writer.

She now lives and works on a sustainable agriculture research farm in Minnesota with her husband, daughter and a menagerie of animals where she is a full time farmer, research assistant, mother and writer.

Happily for M. R. she can still fill her novels with mummies, skeletons and corpses.

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