Meet an Author Monday ~ Trish L. Leger

Welcome to Meet an Author Monday!!

Sorry for missing the last two weeks, but I put a call out and have a slew of amazing talent to share, starting with this fine lady!
I am thrilled to introduce you to the talented and lovely author, Trish Finley Leger!

"Hmmm....about me....
I'm from South Louisiana, where it's hot, humid and definitely not Hollywood, but I wouldn't trade it. We have awesome food, amazing people, and even better music.

I'm married, have a loving and boisterous family, and enjoy movies, reading, writing and eating (of course-I'm not a cajun for nothing!)
My stories are a bit different. I write sensual, sexy paranormals, and heated, intensely emotional contemporary's. Some are set in the scorching south, some in the bustling avenue's of New York.
I hope you'll check out my stories on Amazon and Createspace!"

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Hugs, loves, and peanut butter!