Honor on the Cape & a Tribute to My Team

You guys! A shipment of Honor on the Cape just arrived! I love getting my hands on these babies! There is something so special about books in print. The feel of the pages, the scent of fresh print, the extra pretties, like chapter heading design. Ahhhhhhh…

Now I get to sit down and sign a few of these to my team! To tell them how special they are, how much I appreciate how hard they work to help me make each story as brilliant as possible. To say, ‘Thank You.’

Authors write these stories that grab a reader and yank them through an obstacle course bent on keeping two people apart, but to really cross the finish line with a punch, a great content editor is paramount.

Then there is the pretty finish with as little mistakes as possible, that’s where your line editor comes in, and of course the eagle eye of a great proofreader.

Not to forget one of the main reasons readers open the first page… a beautiful cover.

And finally, a genius graphics and marketing guru.

You know that saying, ‘it takes a village’?

Well…true story.

So I’d like to share my sincere gratitude to my amazing team!

Web, Graphics, and Marketing Guru: Kerrie Legend.

Developmental Editor: K.R. Nadelson

Line Editor: Jessica Snyder

Proofing: Dawn Yacovetta

Cover Design: Amanda Walker

I couldn’t do this without you.

All my hugs, and loves, and I’ll share at least a table spoon of my peanut butter! Heehee…


Honor on the Cape & A Tribute to My Team.jpg