Romance Readers and Romance Authors All Under One Roof!

The Barbara Vey  Readership Appreciation Weekend is all about the love!

So amazing, right?! 

I love to connect with all of the fantastic readers and fangirl over some of my favorite authors. The event is filled with fun, games, hugs, and tons of romance!

Have you ever been? Whether it's Barbara Vey's or RT or any of the other super cool reader romance conferences? I highly recommend it from both a reader and author point of view. 

I love being able to attend an event that's sole purpose is showing readers how much they mean to us, how fabulous they are, and how every page that they read that makes them smile is why we keep writing.

Connecting with other lovers of romance opens the world in a beautiful way, makes life in general more satisfying and rich, and always leaves me feeling inspired and fueled for more romance!

These events are also great opportunities for fun photos and even more fun videos on Uncork My Dork, my fun little show (you can find it under Blogs and News). I'll always have awesome guest appearances from authors like Gina L. Maxwell and Marina Adair! 

I'm so honored to be included in romance loving line-ups of storytellers!

Power to the romance!

Hugs, loves, and peanut butter!