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Malibu Betrayals


"He looked at her hands, then up at her face with a raised brow. “What are you up to?”

She bit her lip and then licked them, leaning close. She could see the individual crystal flecks in his eyes and each hair of stubble along his jaw.

His nostrils flared just before she brushed her lips along his in a feather light caress. Her heart took off, and every nerve ending in her body went on high alert. Strong arms gripped her wrists, keeping her where she was.

She grinned against his mouth and whispered, “Does this help you concentrate?”

He tried to deepen the kiss, but she pulled back just enough to keep it light, teasing, and received a low growl. “Hell no,” he said.

His immediate response satisfied her new found high, the feeling of being desired like a hit of some rare, exotic drug. “Good.”