Let me tell you a love story... an emotional ride on heated sheets.

I write romance novels because there is nothing more exhilirating than to write about one of the most powerful entities on earth. Love.
It can cause the fall of kingdoms, and move mountains.
Love can destroy lives yet create new life. It inspires the dark and summons the light. Love is a challenge, a hope, and a miracle all wrapped up into one.
Love is life.
I write about life. Welcome! ~ MK Meredith




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Honor on the Cape

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On the rocky, atmospheric coast of Cape Van Buren, Maine...

After a decade of making it on her own, Irish immigrant, Blayne MacCaffrey is determined to return to her homeland and make peace with her father, who hasn’t forgiven her for deserting the family—for what she believed was true love. Her ticket home is in the bag with the launch of the Archer Conservation Park of Cape Van Buren. Only she must partner with the devastatingly sexy heartbreaker who first awakened her desires and unequivocally destroyed her dreams years ago.

Believing that family duty comes before everything else, James Astor made the biggest mistake of his life and had abandoned the only woman he'd ever loved. But after a decade of lucrative business transactions and empty relationships, he returns to the Cape, determined to show Blayne how perfect they are together and why he’s worth falling in love with all over again.

A second chance at first love is a dream neither can bear to lose again. With a past marred by painful mistakes, can they find the courage to forgive and fight for love? Or are these two souls destined to repeat history?

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