On the rocky, atmospheric coast of Cape Van Buren, Maine…In a town that is no stranger to loss, family comes first, and ‘it takes a village’ has a whole new meaning as friends band together to open a new community center, The Archer Conservation Park of Cape Van Buren, making sure every heart has a way to heal. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~Love ~ Widower Larkin Sinclair is desperate to preserve the memory of her son and his favorite place on earth, but what happens when her need to hold on to the past prevents sexy CEO Ryker Van Buren from moving beyond the painful memories of his and into their future? Will love bloom on the cape or will they lose their chance at forever?Honor ~ Irish born, Blayne McCaffrey followed a boy to the States a decade ago only to love and lose, but now the hot heir James Astor is back in town and working with him is her only ticket back to the family she aches for. A second chance at first love is a dream neither can bear to lose again. With a past marred by painful mistakes, can they find the courage to forgive and fight for love?Cherish ~ Ever practical Claire Adams knows loss and is determined to heal: herself and her town. But her therapy program must be cleared by ladies man attorney Mitch Brennan, the one guy whose life-of-the-party take on life mocks her once upon a time dreams of happy ever after. Can two hearts terrified of love brave the waves or will fear keep them from reaching the shores of happy ever after?Bonus* Draw You In ~ Cartoonist Sage Mathews fights to save her grandfather’s legacy and her future from city boy Parker Edwards, but when a hopeless romantic and a love cynic collide, can small town and big city find their happy ever after in Cape Van Buren or is love just another shipwrecked, romantic notion?