MK Meredith

An emotional ride on heated sheets...

Playing the Spanish Billionaire, an International Temptation novel in April!

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Welcome to romance! ~ I write single title contemporary romance novels, promising an emotional ride on heated sheets. As a member of several writing groups, I believe the best route to success is to never stop learning.

I've had a lifelong love affair with peanut butter -- the only two things coming close in the battle for my affections are gorgeous heels, and maybe Gerard Butler...or was it David Gandy? Who am I kidding? My true loves are my husband and two children who have survived my SEA's (spontaneous explosions of affection) and lived to tell the tale. 

I've been reading romance long before I should have and can’t think of anything better than to fill my life with the promise of happily-ever-afters.

Why romance? ~ There is nothing more exhilarating than to write about one of the most powerful entities on earth. Love can be the fall of kingdoms and move mountains, destroy lives and create new life, inspire the dark and summon the light. Love is a challenge, a hope, and a miracle all wrapped into one. Love is life. I write about life.

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