I'm An Open Book...

When I found out I had breast cancer it never crossed my mind to keep it a secret. My children were too smart. They can smell a wrinkle in the atmoshphere miles away. My way foreward was by being open. By being me.

As a romance writer, I have a large and wonderful facebook community. So this is what I shared with them. And I'm so glad I did. I don't know that I've ever felt so loved as I did that day.

My facebook post on January 22nd.

Hey there my lovely friends. I am beyond humbled to have received such amazing birthday messages, and I hope to respond to each and every one. Iappreciate your friendship and well wishes for my turning 40!!
I have a little bit of news to share, and for those who know my brothers and I lost our mom when she was 39 from breast cancer, it is kind of a slap in the face...but my stupid boob got the cancer. I have stage 1 as of right now. So, a small area on the left side. Next week we'll figure out if it spread, which could make it stage 2. I plan on getting a double mastectomy and reconstruction, I will be on a lovely cancer med for the next 10 years, and chemo will depend on what we find out next week. Fingers crossed that I don't need it, because I really like my hair. LOL!
I will be fine! I have an amazing husband and kiddos, brothers and all of you.
Stupid boob cancer doesn't stand a chance. I wanted to let you know because I'm not a bottle it up kind of gal. Big surprise, right?
Hugs and squeezes to all of you!
And no sad faces...they're just sad. LOL!

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