Telling Our Children

January 23, 2015

One of the hardest things about breast cancer is how scary it is for everyone who loves you. Telling my husband, telling our children...was worse than having breast cancer.

From my husand's facebook page...

Today we experienced one of life's most difficult tasks, one that we hoped we would never have to.

Today, we had to tell Anya and Brody that their mom has breast cancer.

How does one even begin to gather the strength to tell them knowing that, at a very young age, they already understand the effect this disease has had on this family? I will tell you there is no way you can prepare yourself for it...for the look on their faces. There isn't. There. Just. Isn't. I've tried. You just go.

I shake with thunderous and uncontrollable rage as I write this, knowing that Mary Karen, one of the most wondrous gifts this world has ever been given, will fight through this with the same strength, grace, humility, stubbornness, and in the end, victory that she always has. She will do just what she has always done...continue to teach the world what it means to be a survivor.

So through her strength I am also strengthened. And I ask that you let her strength carry you, and to love and support her as much as she loves and supports all of you.

Mary Karen, you will always be my favorite.

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