IIIB's Foundation...The Bosom Buddy Basket

The day of my mastectomy, I woke up to this basket from The IIIB's Foundation. IIIB's is a local foundation dedicated to helping those on a breast cancer journey. I had no idea what a blessing this basket was until I went home. But wow...every item made my recovery easier.

         Click the image to visit the website!

        Click the image to visit the website!

The basket had a blanket, super soft BC awareness socks, lip balm, tummy settling tea, a lanyard to hold my drains during showers (more on this later), and my favorite...a pink, silk pillowcase.

There were other things like a coffee cup and candles and more, but my little list above were used just about every day of my recovery. The basket was thoughtful and well-thought out.

I was and am...extremely thankful. So, if you ever know someone going through a mastectomy check out the website or the basket above.

Or email me at mk@mkmeredith.com and I'll give you some idea. In the meantime, my little list above is a wonderful start.  

Hugs, loves, and peanut butter!

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