Reconstruction was a No Brainer For Me, But...

There are many things I'd wished I'd been warned about when it came to my breast cancer journey. For example, there is a lot of aggressive language and judgy speech out there.

When I was researching mastectomies and reconstruction, one of the first websites I was directed to had this on the first page. And I broke down crying. 

I was wrecked. In my scared and vulnerable state, as a woman who chose to have breast reconstruction, I read this to say I was not strong, I was not confident, I was not active, and I was not mature. It made me feel awful.

I can read this now and understand the intent was to simply empower those who choose not to do reconstruction, but this could have been done in a way that didn't judge the decision or the decision maker.

There is never any reason to put one person down in order to build another up.

The very next day I called my doctor's office and let them know about the information on this website so they could make sure it was seen by the right patient.

I was not the right patient.

Because regardless of what this page implied, I had great strength to meet my journey head on, I had confidence to make the decisions that were right for me and my family, I am constantly active and working toward better health, and all of this has required a high level of maturity.

Remember, only YOU  know what decision is right for you.

And sometimes you have to filter through a lot of bullshit.

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