Fingers Crossed for No Chemo

This post was from January 30th, 2015...10 days after my phone call...

Cheers to the next phase! I had my doctor's visit today.

By the way, I love her. <3

I will be having two surgeries for a double mastectomy/reconstruction with the first one being February 19th and the next about three months later. I will then follow up with a ten year stint onTamoxifen.

During the surgery they will send off a few different tissue samples to pathology including my sentinel nodes (specific lymphnodes) in my L armpit to see if there is any spreading and to check OncotypeBreast Cancer Assay. If the Oncotype is low and no spreading to the nodes, then no chemo or radiation...fingers crossed for this one!!! LOL! If it is moderate, then we will need to assess. If it is high, even if no spreading then chemo, and if there is spreading then we will add chemo and radiation. I'd really love to get out of this with the two surgeries and Tamoxefin - crossing fingers, toes, and every other crossable body part!

Things are looking good from the MRI, so I'm feeling positive. I just can't wait to know for sure. I am not the most patient person when it comes to waiting on things. Just ask my writer friends during the writing submission waiting period. I'm a crazy person. LOL!
Anyway, thank you everyone for being so dang wonderful. Your kindness has been overwhelming, I'm not sure how to make you understand how thankful I am.