I am the Phoenix

Hello my lovely friends.

My sweet friend and talented romance writer, Gina L. Maxwell, had this amazing poem and art piece done for me in support of my fight against breast cancer. The poem beautifully captures my story, including the loss of my mom. And the art exemplifies it all.

Thank you Cody Callahan for your beautiful words.

Thank you DMB Drawings for the amazing picture.

You slithered in like a snake
you threatened my life to take
catching me off guard
in the darkness
but you did not know

I am the phoenix

You have taken my love before
but now I live for more
they were created in my likeness,
and for them my heart knows no weakness.
You have brought fire to me
but you’ve forgotten one thing.

I am the phoenix.

So you may take part of me with you
but you will never have all of me
my love burns too brightly
you may try to fight fire with fire
and upon seeing my ashes, feel victorious,
but as I told you, my heart knows no weakness
and out of the ashes
I will rise.

For I am the phoenix.


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