Jane the Virgin and Xiomara ~ Spoiler Alert

Jane the Virgin and Xiomara ~ Spoiler Alert

In the TV show Jane the Virgin, her mother, Xiomara has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. Every time I watch a show with this plot thread I automatically approach it with a very fake lasaefair attitude of, ‘here we go again’.

But I’ve realized that it is nothing more than a self-preservation reaction to protect myself from what scares me. In this show, Jane wants her mom to have a full mastectomy because she feels like that would keep Xio from ever having cancer again.

This isn’t how it works.

There is no guarantee, and I feel like it is the responsibility of media everywhere to make sure they get it right. Go ahead and show the misconception, but at the end of the episode, I wish they would have one of the actors state the facts to make sure viewers are properly educated.

I had a double mastectomy, and my doctor said I had clear margins, in fact, she said I had the thinnest skin flaps she’d ever seen. Meaning all the tissue beneath the skin on my breast was removed so much that I have very thin amount of skin left to cover my implants.

But guess what?

My cancer reoccurred. In the same area.

And it could have been as little as one cell because the path report didn’t show any breast tissue, just the same cancer as before along with some muscle and connective tissues.

In the end, Xiomara opted for a mastectomy only on the breast affected. She needed to stay true to her needs even if her family was scared.

I did like this message very much. Everyone will have opinions when another is sick and there is soooo much information out there. In the end, the person who is sick can take in the information, discuss it with their loved ones, then come up with a plan that speaks to them the best.

My point to this post isn’t to sound scary or sad, but simply to inform.

There is no guarantee, a mastectomy does not keep cancer from coming back. Knowledge is power and important to protect yourself.

Knowing this would I still opt for a double mastectomy?

Over and over again, yes. It was the right call for me.


 Well now, that’s another post!



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