MK Meredith

An emotional ride on heated sheets...

Hugs...a Contact Sport!

One of my most important must haves...hugs!

I need hugs like most people need to breathe.

But apparently, my love hurts.

You know in movies or hallmark commercials how one person opens their arms with a beautiful smile on their face, and the other person returns the gesture with the same look of adoration?
Yeah…that doesn’t happen in my life. My children wince, my husband protects his vital parts, and my friends step cautiously back. LOL!

I mean seriously...look at that smoochie face! His...not mine.

My daughter told me, in a matter of fact, take-it-like-a-woman, kind of tone. “Mamma, your love hurts.” This was after my inquiry as to why she winced when I had reached for her.
Honestly, in my defense, my exhuberant hugs are backed by science and for the health of not only myself but those I love. Especially my children and husband.

You see, when I look at my children, a tight, twisting energy builds in my chest ... read more.

Bing Crosby at Christmas

I love Christmas. I love the memories I have from when I was a little girl, way back when my mom was alive. I love the food and the music and the decorations. And most of all, I love making memories with my own children that I hope they carry into adulthood. 

I can't get enough of Christmas music. It simply makes me feel good, and one of my favorite go-to voices is Bing Crosby. 

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Fawn Fritzen

By now, you've probably realized I love traditional vocal jazz.

Think of legends like Tony Bennett, Ella Fitgerald. Contemporaries like Diana Krull, Thisbe Vos, and now I'm introducing you to Fawn Fritzen. 

There is such a beautiful quality to her voice. Light and crisp. She is passionate about her music and it shows.

You can find Fawn on Facebook, her Website, and Youtube.

She is a delight to follow and a delight to listen to. I know you'll be happy you did.

I love following her journey, celebrating her successes, and enjoying her art. And I understand her drive. It is an amazing gift to be able to do what you love.

Thank you Fawn!

Marina Zettl and The Kats

I have found some of my FAVORITE musicians through Facebook!

Marina Zettl is one of them. Her voice, the style, and the writing is beyond satisfying in so many ways. I just love her and her crew!

This is one of my favorites. It is simply one of many but, as a romance writer, I get such a kick out of it. And it is catchy! If my kids hear it once, they sing it for the next three days. I love it!

Learn more and be entertained on her Website!

Check her out on Facebook!

Follow her on Twitter!

You will love to have found a new favorite!

You're welcome. LOL!