P.S. I Love You...

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I LOVE P.S. I Love You ! And there are a few of my critic friends who wonder why. They automatically think it is Gerry, An I really enjoy Gerry's movies, but it is what that character does for the woman he loves as he's losing his life.

He brings her back from the dead.

He pushes her to find the passion she once had and to fill her life with it. It is so hopelessly romantic I get choked up just thinking about it. It is simply beautiful.  *Yes, I know it's just a movie* But then again, it's not.

Because, this is exactly what my husband, Brian, has done for me. He has supported me, pushed me to do what I needed to do, challenged me to go after what I want, and to take my passion seriously.

He's told me it's okay to fail, because that is how I'd learn, but as long as I was putting my all into it, he'd be right there supporting me every step of the way. Every step. And even better, he was able to do this for me as my strong, healthy, and alive husband!

*Now you know why I have watched this movie 100 times and will watch it 100 more and then again.*