My Husband, Brian

It seems so obvious, but the obvious things are so often over looked. 

Brian is a Must Have I can't live without.

The day over ten years ago that I went to Brian and told him I wanted to be  romance writer, he said, "Go for it. You've done everything else you set your mind to."

His unwavering faith in me has been both humbling and exhilarating. In his eyes I can do anything. In his eyes I can be the best version of me in any moment. I don't know what to do with such beautiful support sometimes.

It is because of him that I ever made a business plan, that I made a point of going to conferences and writers meetings, and workshops. He pushes me and challenges me and tells me if I want it...

Go get it.

He is why I was able to make my dreams come true. Thank you, Brian.