Hugs...a Contact Sport!

One of my most important must haves...hugs!

I need hugs like most people need to breathe.

But apparently, my love hurts.

You know in movies or hallmark commercials how one person opens their arms with a beautiful smile on their face, and the other person returns the gesture with the same look of adoration?
Yeah…that doesn’t happen in my life. My children wince, my husband protects his vital parts, and my friends step cautiously back. LOL!

 I mean seriously...look at that smoochie face! His...not mine.

My daughter told me, in a matter of fact, take-it-like-a-woman, kind of tone. “Mamma, your love hurts.” This was after my inquiry as to why she winced when I had reached for her.
Honestly, in my defense, my exhuberant hugs are backed by science and for the health of not only myself but those I love. Especially my children and husband.

You see, when I look at my children, a tight, twisting energy builds in my chest ... read more.