Uncork My Dork Episode 3 with Author MK Meredith

In this episode, I'm broadcasting live from the Barbara Vey event in Milwaukee, WI, where things are clearly, well, fun and crazy. From Instagramming blurry pictures that my marketing guru Kerrie quickly addressed with a "what the hell is this blurry ridiculousness", to huggable invasion of space personal greetings in abundance solely based on having something in common (romance words), the Barbara Vey event has been a huge success and I've enjoyed catching up with my author friends there. 

Gina L. Maxwell is my subject of interrogation as we sit closely to one another here on the couch talking about all sorts of naughty, delicious things. 3 questions are answered, and you'll never look at those unicorn pops the same again. We ruin them for you. You're welcome. Also, what is it like to be in a man's body? We need more words than what they're able to describe, so we're going to delve into the male psyche and get, well, additional words.

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Food consumed: none. I could have easily eaten Gina. She's delicious. No unicorns were injured during the making of this video.


mk meredith uncork my dork episode 3.jpg