Love Your Amazing Self...

How do we teach our children to love themselves when as adults in our infinite wisdom we still have difficulty with this seemingly simple directive?

I would like to say that I have achieved this, though at times, I know I'm a work in progress and always will be. That's not to say that I never look at myself and find something I want to improve, we all do that to some extent...or should. Such as work to be a bit healthier, nicer, or more in the moment. I'm always striving to be a better mom, a better wife, and a better friend.

But to accept the best of yourself, the greatest achievement of yourself, is a beautiful thing.

Absolute perfection.

Achieving love of yourself is the road to happiness and contentment. A conduit for hope.

Without this love we tend to depend on other people, places, and things to make us happy.

Not one of these choices is a good one.

People grow tired of such high expectations and being held responsible for such a huge undertaking. Places and things change or stay the same, leaving us wanting more, needing more...looking for more.

When all we need to do is look within.

Sounds cliche, but look within and love what you see, who you are. This will provide you with the confidence to go after your dreams, to create the life you want to live, and to experience the world on your terms.

So my echo is this: Get the most out of life and start with who you see in the mirror.

Love your amazing self.

Cultivate Your Spiritual Garden

Spirituality: an inner path enabling a person to discover the essence of his/her being.

I hope for each and every person to explore what spirituality means to them, for them, and then keep digging.

Keep searching for what really speaks to your very core.  What fills your heart, carries through the currents of your veins, makes you feel whole?

Look for and study what settles into your being as truth.  Keep digging and plant each kernel that you find fills you with life energy until you have a spiritual garden that reflects your beliefs and values.

It does not matter if you are Christian or Hindu, if you seek spirituality in a church or in nature, what matters is that you ground your self with something more than yourself. 

What matters is that you seek answers that settle your soul, and bring you peace, strength and compassion.

Do not judge your spirituality against society.  It is yours and yours alone.  Trust in your truth, find contentment with what speaks to you.  

Let your spirituality give you strength when you are weak and clarity when you feel clouded.

Once you have sown your spiritual seeds, harvest your garden, feed your soul and then continue to dig, plant and grow.  Don’t stop.

Share, be generous, but don’t be discouraged if others don’t have the same palate as yours.  Spirituality is a very individual endeavor and not everyone has the same taste.  

That is okay.  

Enjoy the flavors that are specific to you.

So my echo is…cultivate your spiritual garden and tend it well.  

Be Present...

We are all so busy. 

Trying to get to work, get to school, get to the post office.

Get home.

In this day and age, time seems to push us out the door, past our kids, past our friends - right past the world.  We miss the smiles sent our way, the beautiful bloom of a new flower in spring, the yearning look of a loved one who needs just a second.


Nothing we do, accomplish, or succeed at is anything without a life to frame it.  Our personal picture is only half complete when those we love, the experiences we seek, the lessons we want to learn, have no place because we aren’t present in them.

We need to be present to experience life.

Be present with our selves, our children, our friends and colleagues. 

I mean really be present.  In the moment.  All five senses.  You.

The next time your child says something, stop.  Look at them.  Let them know that their presence has value – that they matter and are worth the few seconds it takes for you to slow down and be present with them…for them.

The next time you are having a conversation in business, stop.  Look at them.  Really listen to what they are sharing instead of forming your response.  You may learn something you might have otherwise missed.

The next time you find yourself sprinting to your car, out the door, or your mind is a hailstorm of information with an intensity that rivals a hurricane, stop.  Look at yourself.  The life you are creating is worth a deep breath and your awareness of all that surrounds you. 

If you are moving too fast and lost in a waterfall of thoughts, you are missing out.  You are shorting yourself and those around you... of life.  You are missing the smiles, the sun, the sound of water lapping on the shore…and for what?

The most important experience… is each and every moment.  Don’t miss even one.

My echo is this…

Slow down and be present.



Love.  Plain and simple.

Though it’s not. 

Loving, truly loving another can be hard, takes commitment, and a generous forgiving heart.  Loving takes effort and work and fortitude.

I wish it for you.

Put yourself out there.  Love with all that you are.  Share the wonders that are uniquely yours. 

When you decide on love, fight for it…be a warrior.

Be forgiving, hold judgments, and serve it with passion, compassion and intensity worthy of your truth.

Really loving another fills you up.  It is a salve that heals, a foundation that supports, a strong arm that steadies you during the storms.

Loving with all that you are will enrich your life and those around you.  It will deliver you the true meaning of humanity and allow you to experience a magnified life.

Don’t be afraid of hurts and heart break. 

Because the beauty of love is that you can, and must give it to your self first.  In that way, you will have a matrix of strength that will enable you to emerge from life’s hardships whole and still able to give all that you are, as well as accept all of the love that is meant for you.

My echo is this...

Love, with all that you are.

Wisdom's Echo

I lost my mom many years ago when I was young. Ever since, the same question lingers and I yearn for an answer. If she could have shared with me - with my brothers - one lesson, one kernel of wisdom, one word of encouragement. The one life lesson she'd want me - us - to know. To live by. What would it be?

So I'm asking you. Every mother, every father, every guardian who has cared for and been responsible for the life of another. I am asking you. What would you say if you had only one chance? What pinnacle lesson would you want to imprint on another growing soul?

What echo of wisdom would you want to leave behind?

I hope to honor my mother with this collection of pearls someday. I would love to hear your thoughts and the lessons you have learned. If you don't mind your wisdom shared within this book, please send me an e-mail containing your words of advice to .

Thank you for taking the time to visit Wisdom's Echo.

Hugs, loves, and peanut butter,
MK Meredith