Love.  Plain and simple.

Though it’s not. 

Loving, truly loving another can be hard, takes commitment, and a generous forgiving heart.  Loving takes effort and work and fortitude.

I wish it for you.

Put yourself out there.  Love with all that you are.  Share the wonders that are uniquely yours. 

When you decide on love, fight for it…be a warrior.

Be forgiving, hold judgments, and serve it with passion, compassion and intensity worthy of your truth.

Really loving another fills you up.  It is a salve that heals, a foundation that supports, a strong arm that steadies you during the storms.

Loving with all that you are will enrich your life and those around you.  It will deliver you the true meaning of humanity and allow you to experience a magnified life.

Don’t be afraid of hurts and heart break. 

Because the beauty of love is that you can, and must give it to your self first.  In that way, you will have a matrix of strength that will enable you to emerge from life’s hardships whole and still able to give all that you are, as well as accept all of the love that is meant for you.

My echo is this...

Love, with all that you are.