Wisdom's Echo

I lost my mom many years ago when I was young. Ever since, the same question lingers and I yearn for an answer. If she could have shared with me - with my brothers - one lesson, one kernel of wisdom, one word of encouragement. The one life lesson she'd want me - us - to know. To live by. What would it be?

So I'm asking you. Every mother, every father, every guardian who has cared for and been responsible for the life of another. I am asking you. What would you say if you had only one chance? What pinnacle lesson would you want to imprint on another growing soul?

What echo of wisdom would you want to leave behind?

I hope to honor my mother with this collection of pearls someday. I would love to hear your thoughts and the lessons you have learned. If you don't mind your wisdom shared within this book, please send me an e-mail containing your words of advice to mk@mkmeredith.com .

Thank you for taking the time to visit Wisdom's Echo.

Hugs, loves, and peanut butter,
MK Meredith