Cultivate Your Spiritual Garden

Spirituality: an inner path enabling a person to discover the essence of his/her being.

I hope for each and every person to explore what spirituality means to them, for them, and then keep digging.

Keep searching for what really speaks to your very core.  What fills your heart, carries through the currents of your veins, makes you feel whole?

Look for and study what settles into your being as truth.  Keep digging and plant each kernel that you find fills you with life energy until you have a spiritual garden that reflects your beliefs and values.

It does not matter if you are Christian or Hindu, if you seek spirituality in a church or in nature, what matters is that you ground your self with something more than yourself. 

What matters is that you seek answers that settle your soul, and bring you peace, strength and compassion.

Do not judge your spirituality against society.  It is yours and yours alone.  Trust in your truth, find contentment with what speaks to you.  

Let your spirituality give you strength when you are weak and clarity when you feel clouded.

Once you have sown your spiritual seeds, harvest your garden, feed your soul and then continue to dig, plant and grow.  Don’t stop.

Share, be generous, but don’t be discouraged if others don’t have the same palate as yours.  Spirituality is a very individual endeavor and not everyone has the same taste.  

That is okay.  

Enjoy the flavors that are specific to you.

So my echo is…cultivate your spiritual garden and tend it well.